Beginning the Packing Process

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Beginning the Packing Process



Roughly six to eight weeks before moving day begin to inventory the home. This should take only a few hours, or a couple of evenings, and must include a list of those items that will be moved and those that will either be sold or given away.


Investigate insurance for any precious objects that will be moved, including antiques, expensive carpets, artwork, and any other objects with an especially high value.


Rent a storage unit near the new location, if this will be necessary. Some relocation require a period of waiting before the move is completed, such as a home that is not yet completed or vacated, for example, and storage may be required. It is a good idea to make arrangements for storage if there is a risk for delay or if there is not enough room to keep all of the owner’s possessions.


Decide if the move is going to be dealt with independently, or if a professional moving company will play a part in the process. Moving companies can provide full service, including the packing and unpacking, or they can be hired to simply drive the household goods to their new destination.


Gather, purchase and obtain all necessary packing supplies. Many moving companies sell pre-packaged moving kits which include boxes in several sizes, specialty boxes and all of the materials needed to complete the packing process. Most people find it helpful to have several tape guns, permanent markers and box cutting knives in their packing supplies.


Pack away the “non essential” goods in the home. For example, many people begin the packing process in the attic, basement or garage because these areas are usually full of things not needed on a daily or regular basis.


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