Packing belongings for a move

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Packing your belongings for an upcoming move


Moving from one home to another can be a liberating experience. Many people talk about the “clean sweep” they are able to make as they pack up their belongings, eliminating clutter and possessions they infrequently use or need. Once a significant reduction takes place however, there is still a surprising amount of “stuff” in the average home.


Packing belongings efficiently requires some organization and advanced planning. While it is tempting to simply empty each cupboard, packing up everything in sight, most people follow a six to eight week plan for packing and relocating.


The first step in packing belongings properly is to make an inventory of all the goods and possessions coming along to the new home. Using this inventory will make it easy to decide upon the packing supplies that will be needed. Currently, vendors sell small, medium and large boxes as well as wardrobes and specialty boxes for breakables and china. Packing possessions will also require various tapes, blades and markers to label items by the room or location they must be placed.


Next, it must be determined if the move will be done independently or with the help of moving professionals. Regardless of whether a mover is hired or an individual or family will tackle the job, it is important to identify things that will be required right up until the moving day. This means everything from clothing and tooth brushes to pots or pans and cups or plates. Many people purchase a storage tub or large box for such “essentials”.


One of the most important possessions frequently forgotten when packing belongings are important records and documents, and this is the time to gather them together and put them with the objects that the homeowner must have access to.


Next, the floor plan for the new home should be analyzed as a way of helping to plan the packing and unloading of possessions. For example, which carpets or area rugs in the old home will be heading to the new home? Will they require cleaning? Can the rooms they are in be packed or cleared of furniture enough to allow the rugs to be dealt with?


Such considerations can easily take weeks to handle effectively, which is why two or more months should be allotted for packing and moving the contents of the home. If packers will be hired to handle the bulk of the work, the homeowner should still gather their essentials and important documents, and refrain from placing critical or important items in the general “moving” van, and instead keep them in a safe and accessible location. Additionally, those who pay packers and movers to tackle the job should consider purchasing both basic coverage and replacement coverage on their belongings.




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