Packing Odd Sizes or Objects

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Packing - handling odd sized items


When packing items such as framed pictures, it is best to wrap them in newsprint and pack them in an upright position, fitted snugly in the box.

When packing small or loose items it is important to contain them in boxes or bags to ensure that they are not lost or broken during travel.

It is perfectly fine to place small boxes into larger boxes as long as the fifty pound rule is observed.

Clearly mark all fragile boxes with the word “FRAGILE” printed on all sides, and for boxes with liquids, such as expensive perfumes, be sure to label which way the bottles must face with “THIS END UP” printed on all four sides.

Lamps, lamp shades, pots, pans and kitchen equipment should all be placed in boxes. This may seem wasteful, as a lamp shade may require a box all of its own, but it will prevent damage from occurring to the items.

Never use everyday garbage bags to pack items, as these rip and split easily. Try to use contractor bags or heavy duty garbage bags instead.



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