Summary to remember - packing for a move

Packing and moving to a new home does not have to be a chaotic period of time. By following a few recommended tips and purchasing the right materials, moving can be an efficient process of preparation and organization.

Some suggestions include:

• Decide as soon as possible if movers will be hired – any move is made easier by simply knowing who will handle each and every task. Deciding early in the process if professionals will handle the move, or if the you and assorted friends will take care of it, will help to organize daily work and planning.


• Eliminate unnecessary or unwanted possessions – think of moving as a great opportunity to streamline a household, or eliminate clutter from your life. Many people decided to have a yard sale, and this helps with organizing the items in a home – with boxes of goods to be moved, piles of things for the trash bin, and a stack of things to sell.


• Pack in small increments – set aside several hours of each day for packing or organizing. In this way, an entire household can be tackled in the matter of a few weeks. This is particularly useful if you are using a move to eliminate unnecessary items from their home. For example, several nights can be dedicated to closet cleaning, and instead of packing the closets and then simply asking your family members to go through and take out those things that will not be packed for the move.


• Purchase adequate and high-quality supplies – many moving companies sell special assortments of boxes and packing supplies for you to manage your own relocation efforts. Based on the number of bedrooms or estimated weight of your household’s goods, such packages will contain boxes in small, medium and large sizes as well as boxes for packing china and dishware, and special “wardrobe” boxes with hanging rods that allow you to simply transfer the contents of their closet to the boxes. In addition to special assortments of boxes, the same companies will also sell the required accessories for packing a house as well, and which will include tape and a tape gun, a box cutting knife, and a permanent markers to indicate the final destinations of each box or container. Many also sell blank sheets of newsprint which are great for wrapping all kinds of goods.


• Organize your efforts – Once a household has been scrutinized for the objects to be given away or sold, it is time to begin packing. This is best done in a “room by room” basis, which allows for things such as window dressings and carpets to be handled as well as furniture and possessions.