Special Packing Considerations

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Special Considerations - Packing


Packing electronics can involve some special efforts. For example, computer equipment requires special preparation of the data before packing. This is to ensure against complete loss should the machine suffer catastrophic or harmful damages during transportation. Most manufacturers recommend the creation of a full set of back up discs. Disassembling a computer also requires documentation of the various cords and how they are connected to the machine, and wrapping everything appropriately for travel. Most movers recommend that the owner transports the machine themselves in order to be sure it is handled correctly.

Printers, fax machines or anything containing toner or ink cartridges must be emptied before moving to prevent leaking, staining or problems with the machinery later one.

Do not use any sort of static creating material when packing electronics; there are special “anti static” packing bubbles available for such occasions.

If using boxes for electronics it is best to place the heaviest pieces at the bottom, with layers of padding between. Never place a monitor or television in the same box as anything else!
o Keep electronics and associated items such as CDs, DVDs and any software as cool a possible since heat can greatly damage them.

If moving the refrigerator in a home it should be unplugged at least twenty-four hours prior to relocation. All of the racks should be removed and the freezer completely defrosted before removal as well.

Dishwashers, ovens and stoves will need to have all of the interior racks removed and the knobs or any turning mechanisms should be secured with tape to ensure their safe arrival at the final destination. Additionally, electrical cords should be wound and secured to the rear of the machine with packing tape.


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