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Moving supplies and accessories with for less! We are pleased to offer you fast shipping and the lowest prices on all moving boxes and packing accessories. Our moving boxe kits contain all you need to keep your move organized -various sizes moving boxes, white packing paper, packing labels, clear tape, bubble wrap to protect fragile items and even markers. You can even order boxes and accessories separate by choosing & designing your own bundle. You will find everything you need for your next move - delivered quickly, right to your door. Compare our prices to other moving supllies and save up to 40% on all your moving boxes and packing materials:

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Fast Shipping nationwide in the USA! our Supply Centers are located in California, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas to give you fast, affordable delivery, whereever you are in the US. Orders are shipped fast, guaranteed to arrive on time.



Packing & moving supplies guide


General Pcaking Tips

Moving can be an exhausting process, but with a little bit of planning and organization it can be done efficiently and with as little fuss as possible. One of the best methods of ensuring a streamlined moving day is to be well supplied with packing supplies and materials. Labeling your boxes is a huge help and can be done quickly and easily with labels. This will allow for a stress free experience when the real “work” of moving begins.


How do you know what sort of supplies you will need? Each household is different, but there are some general guidelines to follow when beginning to develop a plan and budget for moving and packing supplies.


The first step involves the decision of hiring a professional moving company or deciding to pack and move the household goods independently. Money can be saved by using professionals to load, move and unload the household, with the owner packing and unpacking at each end. Either way, the move is going to require the purchase of boxes and other packing supplies, and a homeowner can easily figure out exactly how much their home is going to require.


Most packing supplies lists begin with the boxes and currently most vendors make small, medium and large boxes available. Additionally, there are “specialty” boxes such as wardrobes, file boxes and kitchen or dining room boxes. These can easily be figured into the supplies list as the owner does their own assessment.



An assessment can be done independently, or with a moving company representative, who looks at the home room by room in order to make a safe estimate of the number of boxes each will require.


Small boxes are usually for heavier goods, including appliances, books and magazines or items such as CDs and photograph albums. Medium boxes tend to be used for “knick knacks”, and items that may not be heavy but are certainly not easy to lift in bulk, such as pots and pans or cookware sets, and larger household appliances or electronics. Large boxes are usually employed in the packing of lightweight goods only, meaning blankets and linens, some clothing or shoes and anything that can be easily lifted.


The specialty boxes are great for packing up rooms like the kitchen, because the boxes are crafted with special protective dividers meant to safely wrap and transport breakable goods like plates and cups, or china. There are also wardrobe boxes available, that enable a homeowner to simply transfer the contents of their closet, hangers and all, directly into a cardboard box.


Moving and packing supplies must also include blank newsprint, tape, scissors, box cutters and permanent marker as well, and most suppliers will include such goods in pre-packaged kits.


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