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Moving Long Distance from one state to another involves a lot of planning and “leg work”. For example, moving across state lines means re-registering motor vehicles, getting a new drivers license, changing addresses on subscriptions and billing information, and dozens of other “changes”. Physically packing up and transporting possessions to a new home, then unloading them and unpacking once in the area can cause all sorts of delays in the transition from one location to another. The difficulties of tackling everything on the “to do” list when moving to a different state can be greatly reduced by choosing to hire a professional long distance moving company to take care of, at least some, of the physical work.


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Long distance and interstate movers will be able to inventory, safely pack, haul and unload all of the goods of a home. Additionally, many such companies can help you make arrangements for the relocation of your vehicles, boats or other such items as well.


How do you choose a long distance or interstate moving company? It is a good idea to always get several quotes from licensed operators of van lines and Moving Companies. Use the simple form below to receive information from several qualified professionals. Many of them will need to visit the home in order to accurately assess the kind of packing materials, truck size and team of movers that will be needed to complete the move.


Many homeowners find it helpful to do a brief assessment of their own, looking into truck rentals and the outright purchase of packing supplies in order to compare costs. For some people the “do it yourself Moving” also known as “you load they drive” option is a reasonable solution, but the majority of people moving from one state to another will require the assistance of professional movers for long distance moving.


There are several levels of service or options that you can choose from. You can opt to pack all of your possessions and hire a team to load, transport and unload them at the new location, or you may have all of the packing, as well as a majority of the unpacking, done by movers as well.


Realistically it all depends upon your budget, and your willingness to absorb the costs. If you are moving or relocating for work, you should be aware that there are tax benefits that can be used in qualified moves, and all receipts should be accurately maintained in order to enjoy such tax deductions on moving and relocation.


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