Auto Transport Guide

When people move from one home to another they often must plan the packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking of their home. If the move is “cross country” or across great distances, they may need to arrange for their vehicle(s) to be moved as well.

There are many options for those who require vehicle transportation, including:

• Private drivers
• Car carriers
• Cargo ships (for overseas moves)



Private drivers will generally be hired through a car relocation service. They are specially licensed and certified drivers who will take the vehicle from the original home location to the new home. Most will come directly to the vehicle owner’s home to pick up the car, and drop it off at the doorstep of the new home as well. This can be a bit pricier than hiring a car carrier, but such a service is the fastest method of getting a vehicle to its final destination. It will however put mileage on the car and require fuel expenses as well.


Car carriers work in several ways, they may ask the owner to drive the vehicle to a loading area where the car is placed on a traditional multi-vehicle trailer, or a driver from the company may come and pick up a vehicle to be loaded elsewhere, and some carriers will drive to a home to pick the car up on location. Most carriers will ask the owner to meet them near their final destination, or may have a driver deliver it to the new home.


Finally, for those sending their cars overseas there are many options for car transportation via cargo carrying ships. Most vehicles will be picked up at the owner’s location, driven to a cargo or freight area where they are loaded on to a special cargo container which is then placed on a ship. To pick up the car overseas, the owner may be required to go directly to the shipping company’s docks or delivery areas, or alternately, arrangements can be made for direct delivery.



Regardless of the type of vehicle moving service, the owner will be asked to “sign off” on the condition of the car before the trip as well as afterwards, this is to ensure that the vehicle is not damaged during its transportation. Most companies ask the owner to completely empty the car or vehicle of any personal items before the journey as well. Vehicles headed overseas will need appropriate documentation as well as customs forms, which a specialty vehicle moving service can handle.