Top Items Forgotten in a Move

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Top Items Forgotten in a Move


Packing and preparing for a move to a new home can quickly become an overwhelming process, and it is important to do one special thing before the entire process begins: plan!


Lists, notes, checklist and daily “to do” reminders are the only way to really get through the entire period without forgetting critical activities and procedures. Many people create a “master” list of all the many things they must do in order to successfully transition from one home to another, and usually this involves such things as turning on and off utilities, changing banks, registering vehicles, gathering all important records into one safe and easy to access location, enrolling children in new schools, and the millions of little tasks involved in sorting and packing their home.


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It is no surprise that some tasks, items and important plans are simply forgotten in the days and weeks before a move. Interestingly, there is a common pattern to such things, and they frequently include the following:


• Plans for the pets – regardless of the kind of move, long or short distance; the family pets will need to be adequately prepared for the journey.

o Be sure to get all veterinarian records to the new veterinarian office long before moving day. Most can be faxed from one location to another. It is also important to have a final examination before the journey to address any risks or health issues properly


o If pets will be flown to their new location, a responsible owner must introduce the animal(s) to their carrier several weeks before the trip. It will be difficult enough for a dog or cat to deal with the anxiety around the lengthy, and solo, journey without the added fears of being forced into a plastic box that they have never seen before.


o If the animal will be riding in the car it will be necessary to acclimate them to their carrier and make preparations for calming them during the trip


• Odds and ends outside the home – stacks of library books, video rentals, dry cleaning, jewelry in for repairs and any other such items can easily be forgotten and it is a good idea to set a deadline in a schedule for eliminating these issues.


• Locks, keys and the like – spend the days leading up to the move gathering all existing copies of house keys, including those with friends and neighbors or hidden keys. Make sure that any garage, shed or utility keys are present as well. Many people forget to take their garage door openers out of their cars, and this should also make an appearance on the “to do” list as well.


• New information – most people have their current address, phone and other contact information memorized, but what about the new phone number? Chances are such information is not yet memorized, and many people find it helpful to stash this information in easily accessible areas, such as their wallet, attached to their “to do” list and in their cars.


• Cleaning up – many people find it a good idea to create a cleaning kit that they keep separate from the household goods being packed and loaded on the moving truck. This is going to be used in both the old and new location and should include a vacuum, mop and bucket, broom and dust pan, cleaning supplies and a small tool kit


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