Comparing & Deciding Between Moving Quotes

Life is frequently all about decisions and choices, some are very important and others much less so, but whatever their significance, decisions can have a great effect on the outcome of a situation. This is particularly true when working with a professional moving company during a move to a new home.


There are some basic tips for selecting a moving company, and they begin with the budget:
• It is important to understand the amount of financial resources available for the moving procedure. Creating a realistic budget is the first step to knowing the best moving company to work with.



• When drafting and considering the budget it is also important to consider just how much of the moving expenses will be considered tax deductible. This is especially true for those moving in order to take a new job or promotion within their current company.


• Those planning a move must also consider the range of service or assistance desired, as this will affect the dollar amounts of any quotes as well. For example, a household that will utilize freight service, or perform a “self-service” move will all ready know that the quotes they receive will be significantly lower than the cost of a “full-service” move.


The next factor to affect the decision-making process for moving company quotes is the type of move required:

• Moving companies work on an “intrastate” or an “interstate” basis, and the consumer must know what their specific need will be. Intrastate moves are less than one hundred miles from the original home or location, and are usually based on hourly rates. Interstate moves are more than one hundred miles, usually cross state lines and are priced by the weight and distance as well as by the services provided by the moving company.


• Full-service or self-service? Just like the price of gas, the cost of moving is more expensive when full-service options are selected. This is because the moving company will require manpower as well as equipment and drivers to accomplish the move. Self-service moves can include hauling boxes and furniture out of the original home, loading them into a truck, driving them to the new destination and unloading them inside the new home as well. The range of such services selected will determine cost.


Once a consumer understands the kind of services and potential costs involved they should seek estimates or quotes from as many suitable moving companies as possible, but they must keep in mind the following:

• The company must have the appropriate licensing


• An agent from the company should make a visit to the home to view the household goods and to determine if a moving truck or van can easily access the location. Additionally, they should examine the final destination as well in order to be sure no “shuttling” fees or other such services will be required.


• The moving company should present the consumer with a copy of their “rights and responsibilities” along with a written estimate.


• There should be no requests for full or high payment in advance of the move.


• A moving company should have clearly developed channels of communication between their agents, customer service, moving crews and their clients


With at least three acceptable quotes in hand you can then make a realistic decision about your moving company. It is important to feel comfortable and confident with the agency, and even if such a quote comes in a bit higher, it may be a good idea to go with the group that will create the least stressful situation.

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