Self Service Moving Guide

Many people have significantly limited budgets when they are moving from one home to another and are required to handle the majority of the physical work of moving all on their own. Fortunately there are many ways that a “self service” mover can save money and still have a bit of professional assistance.

For example, many moving companies are happy to park or deliver a moving vehicle or container of some sort that the homeowner packs with their possessions over the course of a few days or a week. After the packing is complete a moving company driver will secure the cargo and drive the carrier to its new location. This saves the homeowner from any concerns about driving a large vehicle, parking it correctly, and returning it to the rental agency, and also allows them to save a great deal of money in hourly wages for a team of movers and the expense of a professional moving job.


Most moving companies traditionally provide an inventory of the home, packing supplies and the cost of the physical labor and transportation in a package deal which may not be affordable to all budgets. The self service option allows the homeowner to acquire their own packing supplies, handle the packing, loading and unloading independently, and pay only for the use of the vehicle and the driver.


The popularity of the self service moving option has prompted moving companies and vehicle rental agents to supply homeowners with the tools and materials that most professional companies use as well. For example, such equipment as furniture dollies and blankets, special bundles of cardboard boxes, and packing supplies can be rented or purchased at the same time a truck and driver rental is arranged.




A special benefit of the self service option involves the chance of reducing or eliminating household goods while packing up a home. Many people find that when they must pack their cabinets, cupboards and closets they discover that there are many objects they no longer use or need, and this is a great chance to get rid of them.


Additionally, those who choose to wrap and pack their own possessions are able to ensure that particularly special items come under no risk. Though professional movers are extremely cautious with a homeowner’s property, there are times that some items may suffer damage in travel or relocation. When a homeowner has total control over their goods they can make absolutely certain that the most delicate items travel in complete security.