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Self Service Moving Tips


Moving companies provide an enormous array of options for their clients. People can use a full-service, comprehensive mover who will inventory their entire home, pack it, load it on the moving truck and haul it to the new home where it is unloaded and even unpacked by qualified professionals. Within that broad amount of service are many other services that can be used as well, and one of the most popular of them is “self-service” moving.





Those who choose this method will usually be required to pack their own possessions, which are then loaded onto a moving truck or van by the moving company, and hauled to the new home where they are unloaded to the appropriate rooms. This usually saves the consumer a significant amount of money, and allows them to handle their household goods themselves.


Many people look at moving or relocating as a time to downsize the number of possessions they own, and self-service moving is a great way to enjoy this opportunity while avoiding the majority of the physical strain involved in moving.


Self-service moving however, requires some organization and at least two months of work in order to be efficiently and effectively managed. Most moving companies are happy to sell their customers enough boxes and moving supplies to pack up their belongings, and usually these are available in kits created to suit the size of the home.


Currently, most moving boxes come in large, medium and small sizes as well as in a variety of “specialty” sizes or formats, including china boxes and wardrobe boxes among others. In addition to boxes, most self-service moving operations should have a good assortment of markers, tape and tape guns, box cutting knife and wrappings, which should include bubble wrap and blank newsprint. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to adequately prepare their possessions for the move, including wrapping items safely and labeling them clearly.


There are some other general criteria for selecting a self-service move, and these include:

• Choosing this method only if a move is a short distance from the home of origin to the new home and the size of the load will be manageable.


• Ensuring that the truck driver and the moving company have the necessary licensing for such an operation, meaning they operate on an “intrastate” basis if the move is one hundred miles or less, or on an “interstate” basis if the move is longer


• Being available to monitor both the loading and unloading process to ensure that all of the possessions and furnishings are loaded, as well as being unloaded in the correct locations.


Self-service moving does require a great deal of commitment and participation on the part of the homeowner, but will save time and back strain. Most moving companies will charge specific fees around services such as carrying objects up and down flights of stairs, or shuttling goods from a large moving truck into a smaller vehicle and then to the home, and before signing a contract with a moving company it is a good idea to review the job and make sure that any additional services will fit the moving budget, especially when working to save some money by choosing a self-service move.


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