Getting Rid of Unwanted Goods Before Moving

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Home > Moving Guides > Getting Rid of Unwanted Goods Before Moving

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Posessions Before Moving


Many people look at moving or relocating as an opportunity to “downsize”. Basically, they are looking to reduce the number of possessions they own and to eliminate any unused or unwanted items. This can be done in many ways, and some can even help to bring in some nice financial rewards.


In order to identify the items however, most people will need to sort their possessions in an effective manner. This is usually done by creating three “labels” for items in the home: “keep/move”, “give away/throw away”, “sell”. It is not always easy to relocate goods with the same label to a separate area, and many people use colored “sticky” notes to identify items correctly instead.


Because moving, and packing, is usually done on a “room by room” basis it is a good idea to begin the packing of each room by identifying all of the items to be thrown away first. Eliminating the garbage may free up a great deal of space. It is important to consider any toxic issues or recycling possibilities when sorting goods in a home. If there are recyclable glass and plastic items it is best to relocate them to the home’s recycling area rather than just tossing them into the usual garbage. Also, homes frequently contain hazardous waste materials, and it is a good idea to contact the appropriate agencies to eliminate anything in question.


Once all of the possessions in a room have been labeled correctly, they can be handled in several ways. If something is to be sold, the method of selling it must be determined. Currently people use online auction sites, classified advertising, or yard sales (sometimes known as garage sale or tag sale) as their primary methods of selling unwanted possessions. If selling items in any of these ways is going to take place, however, the owner should be prepared with an alternate plan in case the object does not sell. Some people will place unsold goods into a self-storage unit, and continue to work at selling them after they have relocated, or they may donate them to a charitable organization (which is usually a tax-deductible item).


For those items to be given away, simply dropping them off at a charitable goods store or donation center may not be feasible. For example, many groups will accept some larger furnishings (usually if they are in stable and untorn condition) and are happy to pick the items up in a large box truck or moving van.


Also, remember that not all charitable organizations have donation centers and retail stores, many animal welfare groups, churches, community centers and volunteer organizations accept donations of goods which they may resell or distribute to those in need.


Alternately, there are many “freecycle” groups on the Internet, with most working on a local basis only, that will allow the owner to post the item on the site and offer it free of charge to anyone who would like to retrieve it at their home location.


There are many ways to eliminate unwanted good prior to moving or relocating, but it will require a bit of organization and time in order to successfully reduce the overall contents of a home.




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