Selecting International Movers

Moving from one state to another can be a complicated and exhausting process, but moving from one country to another can feel downright daunting! This is the reason it is so important to select the right international moving company to help, or even manage, the process.


Most people will all ready know their final destination and timetable when they begin their search for an international mover, and this is critical information for making the process as flawless and stress free as possible. With this information in hand a consumer must next decide what kind of move they require, meaning they must choose between:
• Door to door services
• Door to port
• Port to door


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What do these mean? Basically, international movers can provide service from the original home to the final destination (door to door), they can move the goods from the original home to the port nearest the final destination (door to port), or they can transport the goods from the port nearest the original home to the final destination (port to door). If this is still confusing it is best just to think of the international movers as either providing the entire job or just a portion of the journey, and it depends entirely on the consumer as to how much assistance they really need or want.


For example, anyone who is unfamiliar with the language, roads and general area to which they are moving should probably consider the door to door service which eliminates the need to travel to a seaside port or city, rent a moving truck and drive their belongings to their new home.


When beginning a search for an international moving company it will really pay to do some preliminary investigation. First, it is critical that the company has all of the appropriate licensing and documentation required for both domestic and foreign operations. Such information is usually available directly from the company itself, and a quick check at the Better Business Bureau website may confirm such statements.
Next, it is a good idea to work only with those companies that send an agent or representative to the original home to make an accurate estimate on the cost of the job.


At the time of their visit the agent should be asked:
• Does the company own all of its own trucks and vehicles? If not, there may be a risk of several subcontractors handling the goods and possessions, which presents a chance for damages and loss
• Is there a requirement for cash or a large security up front? It is never recommended to work with anyone requiring large payments in advance of service
• Do they have an office in the country of the final destination? It is a good idea to be sure that a local representative is available in the new location in case of a need to file a claim or for any customer service issues
• Does the company own or have access to reliable storage facilities in case of any delays in the process of relocating or moving in? This is a very handy service to have access to, and though some companies may charge extra fees for the use of storage it can often be a great asset


Compare International Moving Companies


Once a few moving companies have cleared this process it is time to select the best of the candidates, and contract with them along all of the necessary and preferred terms.