Including Travel Expenses in Your Moving Budget

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Home > Moving Guides > Moving Budget > Including Travel Expense in Your Moving Budget

Travel Expenses as Part of the Moving Budget


Finally, any moving budget must include a variety of “travel” expenses, which will provide coverage on numerous trips to and from a storage facility as well as the journey from the old home to the new one. Travel in a moving budget should include:


• Vehicles – if the move includes driving a car, or cars, to the new home, the fuel for the trip must be budgeted. If, however, the cars will be relocated via a freight service or private driver, this too must be included in the “travel” expenses. It is also a good idea to budget a comprehensive service on each vehicle making a long journey.


• Housing – whether there will be a hotel stay, or two, or whether a temporary rental is required before moving into the new home, a “housing” expense should be included in the moving budget.


• Food – a road trip will cost money in gas, and it will require eating in restaurants or hotels, and this can add up quickly if there are many people involved. Such expenses should be planned and included in the budget


• Pets – Family pets require carriers, travel expenses and other special needs during a relocation, and it is a good idea to consider the costs of transporting animals to their new homes. Usually this will mean:

A comprehensive veterinarian examination
Air fare or adequate shelter for a long car journey
Food, medication and other supplies
Kennel or temporary shelter before and after moving day



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