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What are moving leads?

Moving leads are sales leads containing contact and move information of people who are planning to move their household contents and get price quotes from moving companies. Millions of individuals and families are moving in the United States each year and search for moving companies online. Many moves to a new house or apartment, some relocate to start a new job and others move for personal and other reasons. When someone is looking for moving services and companies online, he may choose to fill out a web form on one of our networked websites providing his contact and move information in order to receive quotes from few moving companies who are serving his area.

Each time such web form has been submitted, a moving lead is created on our system and is forwarded to one or more movers who are members of our network and signed up for a lead plan in order to contact the lead and provide him with their best price and service. There are few types of moving leads:

1. Local moving leads - usually people who are moving within the same State or under 100 Miles.
2. Long distance moving leads - for interstate moving or over 100 miles from origin to destination.
3. Auto transport leads - also known as car shipping leads for moving vehicles.
4. International moving leads - for moving and container services to and from other countries.
5. Self-service, moving labor and truck rental moving leads.

Our moving leads include the following information required to contact the prospect, and provide a moving estimate:
Name, phone numbers, email address, estimated moving date, estimated move size (ranging from a studio apartment to 4 bedrooms or more houses), moving-from zip code, city and State, moving-to zip code, city and State and comments that may be added to provide further details on the move.

How do we distribute moving leads?, as well as many other moving lead providers, offer various grades of leads, the grade is determined by the number of moving companies to receive the lead and compete over.

  1. Shared (standard) - leads that are distributed to no more than 3 or 4 moving companies.
  2. Shared Max 3 - leads that are distributed to a total of 3 moving companies or less
  3. Shared Max 2 - leads that are distributed to a total of 2 moving companies or less.
  4. Exclusive - Leads that are sold to one mover exclusively
  5. Exclusive phone call leads (warm transfers)

When a lead is sold as a shared lead, the moving companies must get into a bidding war with the other companies who received the same lead, this competition drives the estimated moving quote price down, allowing the person who is moving to compare the rates and save by selecting the best offer.

How we match the right leads to the right moving company?
In order to match a lead to a moving company, first we make sure that the lead is moving from the service area of the moving company. For that we use Lead Filters. There are various filters available to you:

  1. Moving-from location
  2. We can target your leads origin location by radius from one or more zip codes, for example: 100 miles radius from 10001- or 50-miles radius from 10002- and 30-miles radius from 10003.
  3. You can also choose the whole State, States or Nationwide as your lead origin location.
  4. Moving-to location - similarly we can target the destination settings
  5. Move-size - select the size of the move ranging from studio apartments to 4 bedrooms & up.
  6. Moving date - select how far out the lead’s moving date is.
  7. Distance from origin to destination - usually used for interstate long distance leads, you can select the minimum or maximum distance in miles between the start and the end of the move.
  8. Lead delivery schedule - we offer the option to schedule the leads to be sent only during business hours, special weekend hours.
  9. Start/Pause lead delivery - pause and restart your leads anytime, this is useful when your board is full, and you can’t accept more jobs. This usually happens at the end of the month.
  10. Lead caps - we can cap the leads daily, weekly or monthly.

Filters should be used carefully, keep in mind - although we don’t charge extra for filters - the more filters you add the less leads will be available to you, and there are more chances that the maximum number of movers competing for them will be met. We only send live leads, so any leads that were filtered out will not be sent to you, but they will be sent to other movers.

How do we deliver the leads?
We can send the leads to you using one or more of the following methods:

  1. Email - leads will be sent to one or more email addresses
  2. SMS text - leads will be texted to one or more cell phones
  3. Server post - we can post the leads to your lead grabbing system, CRM, contact management system or any web app with our leads posting API.
  4. Leads account - log in to your account to view your leads.

What can be done in the leads account?
When you log in to your leads account you can view and export your leads, run reports, check your balance, add/edit your credit card, add funds, start/pause leads and more.


Today's Live Moving Leads:

Here are some of our recent, live moving leads, you can buy a single lead, or sign up for a lead plan and save up to 30%. We have 1000's of leads daily, our leads are phone verified and actively looking to get a quote, and book their move.

 Name Move From CityState  Zip  Move To CityState Zip Move Date Move Size Buy
 Mis Ter  BOWIE  MD  20721  UPPER MARLBORO  MD  20774  04/26/2019  More Than 4 Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 Lily  BROOKLYN  NY  11205  NEW YORK  NY  10003  04/29/2019  1 Large Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 Rick  SAN JOSE  CA  95135  ROSEVILLE  CA  95747  04/27/2019  2 Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 Stephan  CHARLOTTE  NC  28212  CHARLOTTE  NC  28212  04/27/2019  1 Large Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 Anon  GLENCOE  IL  60022  GLENCOE  IL  60022  04/25/2019  1 Large Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 Franny  AUSTIN  TX  78705  HOUSTON  TX  77057  05/26/2019  1 Large Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 David  BOSTON  MA  02111  ROXBURY CROSSING  MA  02120  04/28/2019  1 Large Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 Samanta  STATEN ISLAND  NY  10304  STATEN ISLAND  NY  10304  04/29/2019  3 Bedroom  Buy Lead 
 Sebastian  GROTON  MA  01450  ANDOVER  MA  01810  04/27/2019  1 Large Bedroom  Buy Lead 

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