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Self service moving is a cost effective alternative to get your household goods moved without renting and driving a moving truck on your own, or hiring a full service moving company.



Self Service moving companies usually drop off a special container in front of your residence and will let you pack and load your belongings yourself to the container, at your convenience for a few days. Self moving companies, known also as U-load they drive companies offer long distance (interstate) moving services and do not provide labor services (Packing, loading, etc.) at all but they do offer tips and information on how to pack arrange your items in the container in a safe and effective way. Once you're done packing and loading your household goods Self Service Movers will schedule a pickup date and the container will be loaded onto a truck. Once the goods arrive in your new dwelling location, the unloading and unpacking will be done by you.

In recent years Self Service Moving Companies are serving more residential moves than ever before and the demand for such services is ever increasing primarily because of the convenience, ease of use and shipment tracking capabilities offered by most self service movers in the US.

Self Service Moving is a low cost Truck Rental alternative.

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