The Final Weeks Before Moving Day

Moving day is only a few days away, and it may look like the household is not ready, but with only a final “push” all of the work will be complete!

• Complete the packing process at least two days before the move. This will allow for the purchase of additional packing supplies if they should run out as well as a bit of a break for the owner prior to the day of the move.

• Dispose of all hazardous chemicals this week, using the trip to the garbage facility to eliminate other bulkier items as well.

• Make a trip to the local charitable locations, or arrange for a pick up at the home, many such donations are tax deductible.

• Develop a “moving day” plan for children who must stay out of the harm’s way. Many people arrange for children to spend this period with a friend or babysitter.

• Double check the contents of the “essentials” cases to be sure that all necessary items are temporarily relocated to them.

• This is a good time to launder curtains and bedding before packing them for a move.

• Empty the refrigerator and give it a good cleaning


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The Final Weeks Before Moving Day

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