Moving Day Countdown - Weeks Three to Two Before Moving Day

With only two weeks to go it may feel like moving day will never arrive, or is a looming disaster! This is the time to do a final assessment of plans and schedules to be sure they are all in order, and begin the final stages of packing

• Make arrangements for a cleaning crew in both the old and new homes, especially if the new location is a great distance from the original area.

• During the next few weeks it is important to find homes for items like houseplants that are remaining behind, and to make any special arrangements for the care of family pets on moving day. Some animals panic with many strangers and noises in the home and it may be a good idea to board them at a kennel or veterinarian’s office during the day or two that moving will take place.

• Stop grocery shopping – Unless the homeowners eat only the freshest foods, it is important to stop filling the pantry from this point on, and to eat as many of the heavy canned goods, or frozen foods as possible. This is particularly true if the move is long-distance, as it will have to be thrown or given away otherwise.

• Tackle the garage, shed, attic and basement during this period, as lugging boxes and large items from such locations on moving day will be exhausting and difficult. Many moving companies will also charge extra fees if their crew must climb stairs, and both the attic and basement will qualify for such charges.

• Prepare the vehicle(s) for travel by having them cleaned and maintenanced. This is a good way to prevent moving day problems if a car fails to start or presents a problem to the moving company. Many car carrying companies require the vehicle to be completely emptied of personal possessions before they can take it to its new location and this is the time to make such preparations.


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