Moving Day Countdown - Weeks Five to Four Before Moving Day

Only a month to go before moving day arrives! Within the next two weeks a home or business owner will begin to see the real signs of the coming move. Closets, cupboards and rooms will be emptied and boxes will begin to pile up.

• Choose and hire the professional moving company in order to develop a workable timetable or schedule. Many companies will require several weeks of planning with the owner, and this is the appropriate time to make such arrangements. Remember that “expedited” services will come with significant charges, so be sure to allow enough time to avoid such fees

• Review a floor plan of the new home to ensure that there is adequate room for all of the furnishings and possessions that are included in the plans for moving day.

• Find a storage facility within a reasonable distance from the new location if one is going to be required. Remember that a professional moving service is glad to stop at a storage facility to deliver or pick up possessions, but this will add to the cost of their service.

• Contact all utility suppliers to alert them to the moving day and arrange for an end of the services supplied to the location. Note: Do not ask for the cut off day to coincide with moving day! Leave the utilities in operation for at least one full day after the move.

• If not using a moving company, now is the time to arrange for all of the rental equipment, including dollies, furniture blankets and vans or trucks.

• If air travel is going to be required this is the absolute latest date to make such arrangements. Additionally, if animals are to be flown or transported this is the time to consult with a veterinarian about any health challenges the animal may face. Alternately, if the relocation involves a lengthy drive it is important to let the animal(s) become familiar with their carrier, and giving a month or more to familiarize them to the crate is a good idea.

• Present all family members with a box or storage tub which they can fill with their “essentials”. Moving day can mean lost toys, electronic items, wallets, keys, etc. An essential box of goods and items will allow family members several weeks to prepare for moving day. The box should also contain several changes of clothing and any medications.

• Begin packing – it is easiest to pack in stages, one room at a time. Many people begin by reviewing all of the possessions in a room, eliminating those things they will not keep and then packing smaller, less frequently used items, before completely packing the contents of the room. Some experts recommend dividing the contents of a room into three possible destinations: “trash”, “charity”, and “move”.

• If the move requires the transportation of a car or vehicles now is the time to make such arrangements with a car transportation service or driving company.

• Identify any tax deductible expenses for the relocation. Usually this is available only to those who are moving in order to engage in a new job or because they have been required to do so for their employer. Now is the time to be sure that all appropriate documents are placed in the critical file box.

• Begin to file all of the change of address cards, and plan to finish them before the end of the week.

• Handle all banking requirements at this time, including opening new accounts and closing those that can be eliminated.


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